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Assista InfoComm & Security Pte Ltd

Assista InfoComm & Security Pte Ltd places value creation at the core. Assista assists organizations and individuals to improve daily operations and enhance living through the applications and promotions of InfoComm & Security Technologies. The activities include international & domestic sales, marketing, development, installation, service, maintenance, consultation & training of InfoComm equipment, software & technologies related to the Infrastructure, Network & Physical Access Security.

Assista is better known as

GPS/ CDMA Time & Frequency Solution Specialist

CCTV Remote Viewing System Specialist

High Definition Surveillance System Specialist

Multi-Networked Advanced Door Access Control System Specialist

Wired & Wireless Alarm Systems Installer

IP-PBX & Key Telephone System Installer

Professional Cabling Contractor for CCTV, Telephone & Computer Network Systems

Security, IT & Telecommunications Systems Integrator

Product Developer

Importer & Exporter


Assista offer a wealth of Telecommunications, IT, Security and electronics experience to the customers. Currently the line of products and services include but are not limited to the list below.  

Products & Services

Physical Security Solutions

CCTV System/ Security Video Surveillance System, Digital Video Recorders (DVR) & CCTV/ Security Cameras

Door Access Control System

Telephony Solutions

IP-PBX, Internet Telephony, PABX equipment & key telephone
Voice Mail & Automated Attendant System

Networking Solutions

Wired & Wireless Networking
Network Storage
Structured cabling products & services
Computer Network, Telephone & CCTV Cabling & Wiring ( Assista Infocomm & Security Pte Ltd is an IDA-Licenced Telecommunication Wiring Contractor )

Timing & Frequency Solutions

GPS/ CDMA NTP Network Time Servers
GPS/ CDMA Frequency Reference/ Standards
Time & Frequency Distribution
Digital wall clocks



Customers who have benefited from our special care & attention come from a wide range of industries e.g. construction, engineering, town council, shipping, IT, real estate and more. Contact us today for customer references.

Warranty & After-Sales Support

Each CCTV System, Door Access System, Alarm System & Key Telephone System fully installed by us comes with minimum 1-year ON-SITE WARRANTY against manufacturing defects, including parts & labour.

For most of the equipment sold on Cash & Carry basis at the office, the minimum warranty coverage is 1-year carry-in warranty against manufacturing defects, unless stated otherwise.

GPS & CDMA Time Servers from Endrun Technologies USA come with minimum 3-years warranty against manufacturing defects.

Frequency Reference products from Endrun Technologies USA come with minimum 2-years warranty against manufacturing defetcs.

Optional 2 years extended product warranty is available for selected products

Feel free to contact Assista for other types of warranty coverages.


Sample CCTV Snapshots

Click here to see samples of videos and photos extracted from the Axoul Security CCTV Systems


News Updates

26 November 2018 Assista have launched many new CCTV systems packages with installation for our customers in Singapore. Also updated are the door access control system packages with installations in Singapore using face, fingerprint, card or PIN for authentication.

27 August 2018 Assista's 4 Megapixel HD CCTV solution are now being used to monitor a HDB construction site in Punggol North. Such solution can be implemented quickly by Assista's competent team and is very user friendly. Kindly click here to see several 4MP HD CCTV promotion packages which are available now.

2 July 2018 Assista joined hands with a local System Integrator to complete the supply & installation of a GPS network time server project for the Land Transport Authority. The system will be used in the delivery of a new smart nation project involving smart initiatives for drivers in Singapore.

11 June 2018 - Assista completed the upgrading of an existing fingerprint reader system for Pei Tong Primary School. As the new security systems contractor,  we managed to restore, repair and upgrade a poorly maintained security system that originated from other security system vendor.

22 November 2017  Assista is proud to announce the completion of an upgrading of existing IP surveillance system jointly used by the Changi Airport Group and Land Transport Authority to monitor construction activities at the Aviation Park. Our technical competence were demonstrated in studying an existing IP infrastructure with care, implementing additional outdoor surveillance cameras with lightning protection and reconfiguring a complex IP surveillance software that originated from other vendor.

18 November 2017  A big Dinner & Dance day for Asia's safest bank, DBS. Assista provided a secure, reliable & fast attendance system to register over 4,600 staffs in under 2.5 hours.

5 June 2017 - Assista is proud to announce the completion of the restoration, repair and delivery of over 100 CCTV cameras for Thye Hua Kwan Home for Disabled Adults. As their newly-appointed CCTV contractor, our patience, diligence and technical competence were put to good use to turn a once run-down, poorly maintained CCTV system into a surveillance system that is now serving the charity organization well in their day-to-day operations.  

9 April 2017 - Assista completed the delivery of a Frequency Reference solution with Real-Time Ionospheric Corrections (RTIC) for a research centre at the National University of Singapore. The RTIC solution directly measures and removes ionospheric delay to GPS signals within a single frequency L1 timing receiver that is an industry first.

3 January 2017 - Launch of BizSecure365, our new range of scalable, multi-site & reliable IP surveillance systems for businesses. 

3 October 2016 - Assista improves further our line of HD CCTV surveillance by offering HD CCTV solutions from Hikvision. Hikvision has achieved the world's top sales in CCTV equipment for several consecutive years. We have sold Hikvision products many years before. Now our customers have even more good choices for HD CCTV.

15 September 2016 - Assista offers a new range of High Definition CCTV cameras & DVRs from Samsung Hanwha Techwin. We will continue to expand our product range to meet the different needs of our customers.

17 June 2016 - Assista begin to offer the supply, installation and maintainence of a wide range of HD CCTV & IP Cameras from Dahua Technology from China. Now our customers will have more choices and good technical support even if they are looking for economical CCTV solutions for simple applications.

15 September 2015 - Endrun Technologies USA has launched the Meridian II and Tycho II Precision Time Base, which are the 2nd generation of their time & frequency reference products with significant improvements in quality & performance.

1 September 2015 - Assista has officially moved to a new 1830 square feet office cum showroom at 11 Woodlands Close, #09-23 Woodlands 11, Singapore 737853.

4 August 2014 - A new range of stylish Samsung digital door locks are now available for home & business users.

1 July 2014 - Assista completed the supply & installation of a pure IP-PBX system for a local financial company. The advanced communications system enables the staffs to work efficiently, boost productivity and have more options to be connected with crystal clarity while on the go. The management of the company is happy that the system will also qualify for Productivity & Innovation Credit scheme from the government.

3 March 2014 - Assista's line of Full HD surveillance have been further improved with new models of HD cameras & DVRs. Come and visit Assista at the showroom for more details.

2 December 2013 - The new Sonoma N12 from Endrun Technologies USA have been released. Endrun's high-performance third generation time servers replaces the Unison with dual Gigabit ports and the best holdover performance on a basic TCXO oscillator in the market.

1 July 2013 - A new range of fingerprint biometrics systems have been introduced. These stylish systems support single or multiple doors with advanced security features for managers or business owners that demand maximum access control and time records of the users.

6 June 2013 - Assista has completed a multi-site HD surveillance system for all the branches of a local health care provider. A growing number of customers have engaged Assista to implement HD surveillance systems for their businesses and homes.

3 June 2013 - Assista now offers 1080P Full HD surveillance solutions for small & medium sized busineses & homes. Come and experience Full HD surveillance at the new showroom. Call 6337 2148 now to book an appointment.

1 April 2013 - Endrun Technologies USA have released their next generation of NTP/ PTP time server products called the Sonoma. Buidling on the success of the Tempus LX and Unison, Endrun's third generation of network time servers now features 2 high-throughput Gigabit Ethernet ports that can serve up to 7 million network clients with an NTP timestamp accuracy of <10 microseconds.

1 January 2013 - Assista's new showroom have been relocated to #04-07 Pearls Centre. The building is right beside Outram Park MRT exit B, D and E. Outram Park MRT station is connected with the North-East & East-West MRT lines. Customers will find it more convenient to reach the showroom with this new location.

2 May 2012 - A new range of High Definition (HD) Digital Network Video Surveillance solutions are now available to customers who require the maximum video clarity with details which far surpass traditional CCTV solutions. Book an appointment now to experience HD surveillance and the difference compared to CCTV Systems using 700 TV Lines or lower TV Lines cameras.

High Definition ( HD ) Surveillance

1 March 2012 - A new range of smart CCTV solutions have been introduced to instantly notify the customers of intrusion detection through their smartphones & minimize false alerts. This is an improvement to the same intelligent solution implemented by Assista and has successfully helped to estimate the number of visitors to an exhibition at the Singapore Discovery Centre in November last year.

20 January 2012 - Assista completes a fully integrated in-building fingerprint biometrics door access control systems and lift systems integration for a local engineering company. The intelligent system is integrated seamlessly into the company's telecommunications system provided by Assista and further enhanced with a new customer call handling system.

2 January 2012 - Customers can now choose from a wider range of biometrics fingerprint door access control systems with new improvements in the Axoul Security DigiBio technologies. Contact Assista at 63372148 now for the latest updates.

1 December 2011 - Fraud Alert: A Malay woman called and claimed she had purchased an alarm clock with built-in video recorder from Assista. The alarm clock was not functioning properly. She said it was purchased from a stranger who met her at the void deck of her HDB block in Woodlands. This is just one example of the fraud cases that have been reported to Assista. Customers should verify the identity of the seller first or carry out the transaction at the shop.

15 October 2011 - Launch of the Axoul Security Fine2 Enterprise-Class CCTV Systems. Fine2 offers the scalability from 16 channels to 48 channels using a single PC-based Digital Video Recorder. Fine2 supports both CCTV & IP Cameras.

1 October 2011 - Customers now have a new cost-effective CCTV solution that supports real-time high-resolution recording. The new Axoul Security Ezy8 4-Channel CCTV system supports remote viewing on the widest range of mobile phones and computers.

11 June 2011 - The new Axoul Security Fine series of CCTV cameras have been launched. The Fine series feature SONY Effio CCD with the ability to produce video outputs of up to 700 TV Lines. All the cameras in the Fine series come with intelligent DSPs for greater flexibilities. Visit us at #02-39A Sim Lim Square for more details.

SONY Effio Singapore CCTV Camera

27 May 2011 - The Great Singapore Sale begins today till 24 July 2011. Assista is offering a few special promotion packages for CCTV systems, spy cameras & in-vehicle video cameras. During this period, there's a few exciting offers available every week at the shop @ #02-39A Sim Lim Square. Simply spend $100 and above to qualify for a SURE-WIN, Spin & Win A Gift offer. More than $25,000 worth of gifts are to be given away. Terms & Conditions apply.

20 December 2010 - Alert on False Claims: There are owners of other businesses who claim Assista as their business partners/ associates to falsely lead the customers into sales transactions with them. Investigations have shown that such businessmen are experienced in cheating, unprofessional and often make empty promises to their customers. They are mainly comprised of a group of local men in their twenties and early thirties who has been operating a few shops selling CCTV & spy cameras at Sim Lim Square for the past year. Assista is NOT associated with any of these businessmen and have never become their business partners. Customers and visitors are encouraged to call 63372148 or 67443178 for verification, report on such claims and take collective action against the business owners.

1 September 2010 - A range of spy cameras have been launched. These spy cameras are hidden in commonly seen objects such as car remote key, miniature toy car, mini clock and others. Check out our daily specials for attractive offers on these devices.

15 August 2010 - Customers now have a new alternative for a simple and intelligent video recording device for surveillance. The Ezy4 Mini Digital Video Recorders are introduced to help customers monitor activities in small areas using 1-4 cameras, without burning a hole in their wallets. Packed with powerful features, the DVR is small, lightweight & portable.

25 January 2010 - The new Fine CCTV Systems have been added into our CCTV product range. Fine CCTV Systems offer better H.264 alternatives to the Ezy4 and are very suitable for CCTV recordings that involves a lot of crowd & movement. This is the choice for busy branches, shops, offices and more. In the near future, this could be our most popular CCTV systems for security surveillance implementation of four cameras and beyond. The Fine CCTV System supports both analogue CCTV cameras & up to 5 Megapixel IP cameras. More interesting developments are coming your way!

10 January 2010 - The much-awaited realistic-looking & portable spy pen camera & digital video recorder, S-Pen are now available from our shop. Please call our sales hotline @ 6337 2148 first for appointment or reservations.

1 December 2009 - We've launched SecureVehicle, a new video recording solution to secure vehicles against vandals & errant drivers on the road. This Mega-pixel video solution enables our customers to capture high resolution videos using wide-angle, high-quality lens and produce the much-needed evidence for justice. SecureVehicle could also provide important vehicle-accident information for investigation. The multi-purpose solution could also be used for training & discreet video recording.

Car Camera High Resolution Megapixel

1 September 2009 - The new SecurityOne solutions were launched. SecurityOne combines video surveillance, access control & alarm systems technologies to help our customers protect their premise and loved ones. We're offering 3 limited SecurityOne promotion packages in September 2009 just for you to know that we're professional security specialists who can do it all for you at incredible price offers. Call us at the sales & technical support hotline @ 6337 2148 anytime between 9am to 9pm. We're ready to answer your call 365 days a year.

22 June 2009 - The new Ezy4 & Ezy5 CCTV Systems were launched. Ezy4 or Ezy5 uses H.264 compression to optimize video quality for remote live viewing. Now you can record longer videos with your hard disk. Save up to 30% on the digital video recorder when you purchase the CCTV special promotion package complete with professional CCTV cabling services and configuration for remote live viewing. The special offer is limited to the first 10 customers only. Call our sales hotline at 6337 2148 now to arrange for an appointment or site survey.

9 April 2009 - Almost all of the CCTV orders received from IT Show 2009 has been fulfilled. We strive to be efficient & to complete the installations as fast as we can without compromising on the quality. What differentiates us from others in the CCTV market is that we are directly involved and in control of every stage of the CCTV implementation, i.e. from pre-sales to project management, from cabling to the setup of cameras, from integration of CCTV system with the computer network to the user training stage and handover of CCTV system, from post-sales feedback to servicing the customers.

12-15 March 2009 - Assista's Axoul Security CCTV solutions & the Axoul V450 two-way radios were featured at Booth No. 6614 during the IT Show 2009. The special & affordable promotion offers for CCTV Systems c/w full cabling, installation and setup for internet/ 3G live viewing received warm responses from the visitors. We thank you for your support and will continue to assist the customers in the best way that we can.

25 December 2008 - Assista opens a new retail outlet at #02-39A Sim Lim Square. At the shop, customers could see demonstrations of the real equipment for themselves. Schedule a meeting with us at the shop for professional & friendly pre-sales consultation to ensure that you meet your Security, IT or Telecommunications goals.

20 August 2008 – The new AXOUL V450 Licence-Free Two-Way Radios were launched. Now you can have a cost-effective solution to stay in touch with your family & friends. Just drop in the batteries and communicate in your local area with up to 3 km* talk range. This special product from Assista is approved for use in Singapore. Call our sales hotline at +65 6744 3178 now to grab these useful, lightweight & portable walkie talkies. Click here for more info.

1 August 2008 – Assista is proud to announce that EndRun Technologies (USA) has appointed Assista as the exclusive distributor for EndRun’s line of Timing & Frequency solutions covering Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia. This partnership enables Assista to extend the expertise in GPS & CDMA Timing & Frequency solutions to our customers. Click here for more info.

17-20 June 2008 – Thank you for visiting us at Booth# 3B2-05, Hall 3, Singapore Expo during Communicasia 2008, the 19th International Communications and Information Technology Exhibition & Conference. It was a great pleasure meeting you and we look forward to assist you more with your Infocomms & Security needs.

The Axoul Security range of CCTV solutions were launched. Axoul Security features the Compacta Digital Video Recorder. The Compacta M4000 Series solution offers a single, lightweight and powerful digital video recorder that could record up to 30 days of activities. The recorder has a built-in LCD display, enabling users to view what’s happening without a separate monitor.

Customers could choose the right Compacta solution with dome, infrared, CCD or bullet cameras to suit their needs. Click here to see our range of CCTV solutions.



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